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Thursday, 08 November 2012 20:12

Hobby Partz

Hobby Partz is a section of the guys over at Nitroplanes. I have put many orders in at Hobby Partz and so far, I have not had any issues. The biggest complaint I hear from most people (and myself) is that things are always out of stock. *Always* is a big word but they do seem to be slow at getting popular items re-stocked. I have used Blue Lipo and Gen Ace lipos from Hobby Partz and they are top notch. I love their $6 metal gear servos; they are by far one of the best values on the market. Their Exceed-RC and Monster Power motors are strong and have worked flawlessly for me for 100’s of flights. I personally have not had any issues with an order but some people say their support is terrible. I’ve noticed if you post on RC Groups or their Facebook they seem to get things worked out very quickly.

Grade: B-

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