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Thursday, 08 November 2012 20:09

Hobby King

Hobby King is the leader in RC. Right? Or that’s what they say. I know Hobby King gets a bad rap from many people and justifiably so. Their service is terrible; some of their products are too cheap to be of any use and shipping can be slow and expensive. Yet I keep going back to them because they have the best prices around and lately they have been coming out with some really different and exciting airplanes. Before ordering from HK one must know what to expect….no service with a cheap price tag. They are located in Hong Kong and so dealing with returns can be a nightmare. No matter what I order from Hobby King I pretty much assume I will be stuck with it regardless of its condition because I’m not going to try and return a $10 motor to China that would’ve cost me $75 here. I figure it’s not worth the hassle. Fortunately I’ve only had very few things arrive DOA. Their batteries are excellent, as well as many of the motors and ESCs. But there is still a lot of crap on the website for sure. Overall I will still continue to shop there knowing someday it could really bite me.

Grade: B-

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