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Thursday, 08 November 2012 20:03

Banana Hobby

Banana Hobby has all the cool looking planes that people search for when they look for “RC Airplanes”. The problem is most of them aren’t made for beginners at all. Like others in this list, Banana Hobby has a soured reputation when it comes to customer service. I’ve found them to be hit or miss. I think much of the problem is when people pay $400 for a foam airplane and after they open the box they see firsthand just how poorly the planes are made. It’s a sinking feeling to realize you’ve been screwed. Not all of Banana Hobby’s planes are bad, some were even quite fun but I’ve had several miserably underpowered planes from them and even one that would not fly…seriously it did not have enough power to leave the ground. They’re not known for good customer service but on one EDF the impeller fan shattered the first time I spun it up. I emailed them and within a week they were sending me a new one. I had another plane arrive with a dead ESC and even after 10 emails they never once responded. Lame. They used to have good deal especially around the holidays with a coupon but more and more they seem way too expensive. I’d buy at your own risk.

Grade: C