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Thursday, 08 November 2012 20:00


I’ll start by saying they can be good or bad. When they’re good, they’re great, but when they’re bad they’re terrible, this is no exaggeration. When something is in stock, it gets shipped out within a day or two and generally reaches my doorstep within 5 days of my finger clicking ‘buy’. The problem is, they do not have an integrated stock system so while the website may show that something is in stock, it could very well be out of stock and after ordering and thinking everything is peachy, you’ll receive an email saying “sorry out of stock!” Several times I have ordered something a few hours after it was posted online and was later told it was out of stock and had them cancel my order. Only they don’t always cancel the order and 2 months down the road “SURPRISE!” you have a new airplane.

In July of 2012 I ordered a plane and they printed a shipping notice, but after a week it was never shipped. Figuring it was backordered or out of stock I patiently waited for the plane. After a month (and no update to the tracking number) they claimed it was shipped and I would have to make a complaint with UPS. To make a long story short I still do not have the plane after 4 months of waiting. Total and 100% unprofessional and uncalled for. I am out $220 with nothing to show for it. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO RUN A BUSINESS.

In the past I have given them the benefit of the doubt because they are a small, family owned and operated business but at this writing I am not happy and it is bringing their average way down.

In general their prices are ok and they have great sales during the holidays and from their facebook page. Most of the planes are ok but there are certainly some I would stay away from. Look for brands like Airfield and Dynam.

Soon after I pleaded with them on Facebook I received a phone call from a strange number and it was one of the guys from Nitroplanes! He apologize profusely and realized a serious error had been made and said he was sending out a new ME-262 immediately, but just needed to know where to send it. I gave him the address and within 4 days I received the plane. It was a long wait and in the end the entire ordeal made me laugh. My faith was slightly restored after they admitted their mistake.  I understand that they are a family run business and mistakes do happen, but I will be more cautious about ordering in the future or at least staying on top of my order to begin with.


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