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Thursday, 02 February 2012 23:27


Last weekend I had the opportunity to fly and review the new and improved Micro Beast AS3x from E-flite. I was unable to get as many detailed photos as I usually do, but was still able to push the plane through its paces.

Kit Contents

The UMX Beast AS3x comes in a Bind-n-Fly package that is ready to go right out of the box. The box contains the completely built airplane and manual, needing only a 2S 180mah lipo battery and the DSM2/X transmitter of your choice.


The plane is 100% assembled, no assembly is required! You are required to open the box and take off the protective plastic surrounding the little beast.


The Micro Beast features a 14.7 inch wingspan and 15.7 inch length. The plane is powered by a BL180 2500kv brushless motor and the movements are pushed by linear throw servos. The brains of the Beast is a new 6-Channel DSM2 Ultra Micro AS3X that triples as a receiver, ESC and gyro unit. The new Beast also features a slightly different paint scheme that has silver and black accents instead of gold. Much more to my liking.

First Flight

After looking over the surfaces and binding the craft to a DX8 transmitter, I set the plane on the tarmac for a rolling takeoff. The little beast took off without a problem but after 3 seconds in the air I could tell it wanted to roll to the left dramatically. I kept feeding in opposite trims but it did not seem to cure the problem. I was able to safely get the plane down in one piece and upon further investigation I discovered…nothing! It wasn’t until the 2nd launch that I thought I noticed something funky and again fought to bring the plane down in one piece.

When I reexamined the little biplane I found that the right side of the top wing was not secured properly to the connecting wing strut and that loose part of the wing was flapping freely in the wind. No good! We used some foam safe CA to secure the wing back down and instantly the plane was better.

With the wing fixed I was able to fly, dart, dive and hover the plane to my heart’s content.

Flight Characteristics

The flight characteristics are very similar to the original Micro Beast with one glaring improvement. Much. More. Stable. The new Beast’s gyro is constantly working and it does an outstanding job of keeping the plane stable. The Beast is still a maneuverable monster but everything about it is so very manageable. If anything, the gyro makes you feel like a much better pilot than you actually are. Loops and rolls are simple, but I could knife edge down the entire runway without even thinking about it. While I was flying someone asked how the inverted felt, so I flipped the plane over and it flew just as stable as normal flight. What a blast!

A different effect that the gyro gives on the sticks is a sense of deadness for the little movements. With the original best although I felt that it flew well, it was extremely responsive and needed little movement to snap it into a roll, spin..etc. The new beast takes a bit more movement of the sticks to break through the gyro’s tendencies but the plane is still very agile.

All in all the characteristics were even better than the first Beast. Smoother in all aspects.

Takeoffs and Landings

Takeoffs and landings can either be a hand launch or rolling from the ground. The micro brushless motor packs plenty of punch to get the plane in the air quickly. If you’re good enough you can even execute a straight up vertical takeoff.

Landings are much tamer with the gyro squeaking and squawking as you glide the plane down. The biplane slows down wonderfully and given the light wing loading the plane can take a bit of a beating.

Is This Plane For a Beginner?

Not really. With the gyro the plane is much easier to control and with reduced throws I think some newer pilots could handle this airplane, but it is definitely named “The Beast” for a reason!


The new Beast really surprised me. E-flite took an excellent product and made it even better. The added gyro is not gimmicky or silly, it really does work and it makes this awesome plane even more stable. I had a blast flying the plane all around the field and felt like I was in control the entire time. It was a little lame that part of the wing came undone on the first flight, but quality control can’t catch everything. If you’ve been on the fence about picking up an all-out aerobatic plane like the Beast but were worried about your skills, don’t wait any longer. This plane is an absolutely joy to fly! This Beast does everything the original Beast did, better and smoother. For a review of the original UMX Beast check out this link.



  • New Paint Scheme
  • Powerful
  • Agile/Stable
  • Gyro!


  • No Battery Included


  • The wing came unglued on first flight. Lame, check the plane over thoroughly before flying!






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