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Wednesday, 08 May 2013 18:47

My apologies for the lack of content. It is dreadfully lacking but I am setting out to change that. I have no weddings this year and hopefully no baby surprises so I plan on getting out to the field and getting some planes in the air!

Several of the reviews are late and the plane has already been out for awhile but I say screw it, I want to review them. Weather willing the ME-262 will be flown this next Saturday. It was ready last week, but with winds of 12-15 I felt like I should keep it grounded until I know how it flies.

I'm also kicking around a new section or at least updates to previous planes on their durability. Sure a lot of planes fly great out of the box but what about a year later or after a crash? I think it would be nice to highlight the planes that fare well and last well in the long run and those that do not.

Time to get back to writing!

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What is your favorite type of RC airplane to fly?