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Parkzone UM Mosquito Flight Video Print E-mail
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Thursday, 17 February 2011 17:30

I came across this video yesterday and thought it needed to be shared. Here you can see first hand how the Parkzone Ultra Micro Mosquito flies. It looks good! Perhaps somewhat docile. It will be interesting to see find out how heavy or slow the dual propped bird can fly. Should be here in a month and a half! Until then enjoy some footage:

...and now with better video! Print E-mail
Saturday, 12 February 2011 06:39

After having some recent focusing issues with our camera we have decided to bump it up a notch and obtained a dedicated full 1080P HD Camcorder. This may not be the most exciting news but we're excited to bring better video with sharper images. Now if the sky would ever clear out the dull, dark, gray clouds we'd have a nice back drop to film the planes against!

In review news I am currently working on a write up for a sweet Jet that is no longer with us (may he rest in pieces) and to fill his place I am building a jet that I hope is a solid value. And since we're on a crazy jet kick I just sent away for two 64mm EDF units to be placed in a new project...this EDF should be smokin', at least that's what I'm hoping. Beyond the jets I have a warbird and a biplane that need to be put together and I'm watching really close to see exactly when the Eflite Hurricane comes out so I can jump on it and see how she flies. Hyperion is releasing some new, larger Mustangs so I might have to get one of those as well. So many planes! Such little air time :) Fortunately the weather has taken a turn towards the rainy side so I will have some time to finish some reviews and build some killer aircraft.

Until next time!

New Grading Scale Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 February 2011 06:06

Not that it matters to most but I decided to change up the grading scale I use on this site. I had been toying with the idea of going to a 10 point scale, but thought that it could maybe get too confusing and pointless. I felt that the 5 point scale was too narrow and started to realize that nearly every plane was a 4 out of 5 even though they were completely different. To counteract that I went to a Letter Grade scale. Nearly everyone can identify with an A, B or even F grade, but hopefully not too many planes will receive a failing grade. I am happy with the new format, the reviews seem more evenly distributed.

Parkzone BNF Mosquito & Ultra Micro Corsair Print E-mail
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Friday, 04 February 2011 23:50


The Parkzone Ultra Micro Corsair has now been reviewed!

The Parkzone Ultra Micro Mosquito Review is now up for your reading pleasure!

This is way cool!

Parkzone is releasing a Micro Mosquito next month! I am really surprised at this but also very excited. It would be nice if they made a large version with counter-rotating props and retracts, but this will satiate those desires now. The Mosquito comes in a Bind-n-Fly version for under $120 and seems to have plenty of power to do loops, rolls and inverted flight. I love the paint scheme and counter-rotating props...way cool. It has a 20.5 in wingspan and a flying weight of 2.6 oz, powered by a 250mah 20c Lipo.

If British airplanes aren't your thing have no fear, Parkzone is also releasing an Ultra-Micro F4U Corsair! It's about time they released a mini corsair. This little bad boy also comes in a Bind-n-Fly version for under $110. The paint scheme looks like an exact copy of the warbird's larger counterpart and it even comes with a 3-bladed prop! The UM Corsair sports a 15.9 wingspan and weighs in at 1.47oz while being powered by a 150mah  1S lipo battery. This little plane should look awesome flying next to the PZ P51 or Mosquito. The Corsair doesn't come out until April, but it looks to be well worth the wait.

Stay tuned for reviews of the new Parkzone Ultra Micro Planes!

New Poll for February Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 01 February 2011 06:34

Hey everyone! I put a new poll up for the month of February to see what airplanes people are interested in being reviewed. Some of the planes in the poll are already in hand, others are on their way and some aren't purchased, but could be if people want to see them on the site.

I'm excited for the Eflite Hurricane, but it could be a couple of months before that is released so I figured we could get a few planes put together and reviewed in the meantime. Always looking ahead and towards the sky!


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