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New Airfield Bomber Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 April 2011 05:21

I see that Nitroplanes has snuck a new product on their website. I was checking, hoping for the FMS Stuka when I noticed they had a new silver bomber on the site. A few weeks back they had some photos of a huge bomber that not only included retracts, dual props and a nice paint job, but functional bay doors with about 7 or 8 bombs that could be dropped from the plane. You want to know what is awesome? THAT is awesome. I thought the plane on their site tonight was the bomb dropping bomber, but alas it is just a new paint scheme of the Airfield B-25. A plane I have not flown, but have heard is very cool. Check it out here:

Airfield 1470 B-25 Bomber In Silver

Airfield P-40 Warhawk Video Print E-mail
Monday, 04 April 2011 19:16

Still working on the review but here is the maiden flight video of the Airfield P-40 warhawk. Flies really well.

Rain, Rain. Print E-mail
Saturday, 02 April 2011 05:36

It might seem like there hasn't been much activity on the site lately, and while that is partly true, the weather is a lot of the reason for no new reviews. We have had a bunch of rain here and it seems every time there is a sun break, I am unable to fly. At this point I have 2 new planes to maiden as well as re-maiden the Mig-15 after the great dogfight of 2010. Perhaps the most exciting news this week has been the arrival of the FMS/Airfield Stuka. A couple of online (far far away) vendors have started caring the Stuka and I am thiiiis close (I'm holding my fingers really close together) to ordering from them but I'm hoping that Nitroplanes gets them in stock soon so I can save a bunch on shipping. There have already been reports of people's ailerons ripping off of the Stuka in mid flight due to the fact that the ailerons were glued to the wing after the paint was applied. Things don't stick well to paint. So the first mod will be to secure the ailerons!

In the meantime I have started building the SR-71!! Woot! Spent too much time soldering in longer esc wires tonight, but I think my work will hold. If it rains enough tomorrow to keep me from flying I hope to install the servos, fans and landing gear in the SR-71...if I get all of that done, she will be 90% finished!

Looking forward to the spring and summer this year. There are plenty of nice planes on the Horizon. Speaking of Horizon I don't have any new information on the Hurricane but it looks great, hopefully they don't put cheap servos in such an expensive plane.

Shaky Thumbs is finishing up a Spitfire from Airborne Models that I hope to fly and review. The preliminary report is that the plane is of great quality except for the landing gear, we'll see how it holds up, possible video and maiden this weekend! Crazy Thumbs is still crazy and has turned over a new gas leaf where the only thing he thinks his thumbs are worthy of flying are loud gas airplanes. He had a nice Kyosho Spitfire that clipped a tree (or something), and I received word today that he has yet again killed his PT-19....this is the fourth incarnation of that bird. Nuts.

Stayed tune for more action as the weather gets warmer, things are going to be flying and reviewing at a furious pace! Lots of fun ahead! Watch for the Parkzone UM Corsair review!

Airfield Stuka Maiden Flight and Crash Video Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 March 2011 17:13

The review for this bad boy is now UP! Check it out here.

The guys over at Nitroplanes put up the maiden flight video of the Airfield Stuka. The plane looks like it flies really nice and takes off without too much throttle, but judging from the crash, it might be prone to tip stalling in tight corners. Can't wait to get one and review it here, but I hope to have better luck than they did! They smashed it real good and I appreciate them keeping the crash in the video, we all crash from time-to-time, you just have to shrug it off and move on.


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