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Tower Hobbies P51 Mustang Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 12 January 2011 05:52

I am intrigued by the new Tower Hobbies P51 Mustang. A Plug and Play model with a 40" wingspan for just over $100. If you have a Tower Hobbies Coupon you could get the bird for $100! I think I will pick one up and see how it compares to the Parkzone offerings. I've only seen a few videos of it fly but no real input about it. Keep checking back for updates on this warbird. 100 bucks is not a bad price for a foamy warbird. You gotta love healthy competition between the manufactures!

Hobby Lobby A6M5c EPO Zero Print E-mail
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Sunday, 09 January 2011 19:35

Hobby Lobby now has the new A6M5c Zero in stock! The plane comes receiver ready with a nice 3-bladed prop and retracts. This plane looks awesome, but I wonder if it will have the same durability issues as the Hun Hunter P47. From my internet research it appears that the Zero may have been made by the same company that produced the P47. I'm not sure if this plane will be reviewed or not, still trying to decide. In the meantime you can buy this plane for $170 using the January discount and selecting 'free shipping' from the shipping options.

More Reviews coming.... Print E-mail
Friday, 07 January 2011 17:37

Never fear people of the Internet land, more reviews are on the way! Coming back to work after so many days off is a shock to the system and its been hard to get back into the swing of things. I am currently working on Reviewing the Electrifly Reactor biplane as well as a few other planes. I have a SWEET looking jet I hope to build in the next night and fly on Sunday. In addition to all that I have yet another P47 to review. It probably looks like I've gone Thunderbolt crazy with all the P-47's around here, but I assure you that's not the case. This is a more inexpensive plane that I acquired through another deal, so we'll see how it compares to the big boys like Parkzone, Hobby Lobby and Airborne Models.

Happy New Year! Print E-mail

Hello all and Happy New Year to you!

We're excited for the new year as there are many new planes to review including motors, ESCs and all sorts of other goodies. We brought in the new year with a stellar review of the Parkzone P47. If you haven't read the review yet be sure to check it out and let us know what you think. Within the next few days we hope to have a review of the Parkzone Ember II up with video and pictures. We're having fun and we hope your new year is full of fun and many good flights with minimal crashing! At least....that's what I'm hoping for.

And the sales continue.... Print E-mail
Monday, 27 December 2010 23:27

Just a quick note for everyone that Hobby-Lobby is still discounting airplanes like it is Christmas Eve!

Take a look at their after Christmas Sale page! The Hun Hunter P47 with 4-blade prop, retracts and flaps has dropped from $189 to $119! The soon to be reviewed F-16 360-Degree jet has dropped from the already low price of $119 to $99. That's nuts. This plane was $199 a few months back!

The quantities are limited but get soemthing cool while you can.


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