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Saturday, 22 December 2012 04:01

The Flight Before Christmas

T’was the flight before Christmas when all through the air,

 Not an airplane was flying not ev’n a corsair,

The ammo was hung by the cannons and flares,

 In hopes that the sirens would soon start to blare.

The pilots were nestled all snug in their cots,

While visions of dogfights flew through their thoughts.

The captain in his flight suit, and the crew at their stations,

Had just checked their radar, and perceived a formation.

When out on the airfield there arose an alarm,

Enemy planes had been spotted right over a farm.

The pilots woke quickly and put on their suits,

They checked all their gear and donned parachutes.

The glow of the moon on the wings and the tail.

Sparked mem’ries of London , no option to fail!

They jumped in their planes and started their prop,

Then lined up together and came to a stop.

The engines roared louder as each took to flight,

The pilots held on with all of their might.

They raised up the flaps and retracted the gear,

Then opened the throttle and swallowed their fear.

The spitfires and hurricanes were tight in their groups,

The Germans were diving and swooping in loops,

Tracers were slicing through wings and propellers,

The Germans were good, but the Allies were stellar!

They boldly attacked all the enemy planes,

They dodged and they weaved until nothing remained.

The Allies victorious!  The Germans shot down.

England was safe, every borough and town.

The planes drifted slowly back down to the field,

Their mission was over, their courage revealed.

Cheers were erupting all over the land,

Christmas was saved and freedom will stand!

As the planes were all parked in their hangers and bays,

The pilots returned to their beds in a haze.

The captain yelled into the barracks that night,

Happy Christmas to all and to all a good flight!

-D.M. “Shaky Thumbs” Lovejoy

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