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Friday, 23 July 2010 04:41

F86 VS Mig-15

I remember the night that Shaky Thumbs called me. We were making plans for our next flying day when the conversation diverted towards a new plane he had frothing for online. He excitedly pointed me towards Hobby-Lobby’s homepage and a few rows down I saw the sleek looking plane he was talking about. An EDF F86 Plug-n-Play version on sale for only $99. I instantly told him he should get it since he only had one plane and this would be his first foray into an EDF. Deep down I was a little nervous since I knew the EDF would be faster and a bigger handful than his Parkzone Corsair. He felt confident in his skills and purchased the F86. We continued to scour the good deals on the website and it didn’t take long for us to spot the perfect counterpart to his F86, the Mig-15. We instantly envisioned our airplanes diving and climbing and screaming through the air directly on one another’s tail. The excitement was almost too much and I hurriedly put my CC number in the box and ordered the Mig.

Shaky Thumbs received his F86 a week later and after putting it together we excitedly took it out the field. After a botched hand launch (my fault) that ripped out one of the drop tanks we were able to get it into the air. The F86 climbed gracefully and was super stable throughout the flight. Seeing his plane fly only increased my excitement for when I would have the Mig. Three weeks later the day came and I had my hands on a bright and shiny red/blue Mig-15.

After being out of town and unable to connect with Shaky Thumbs we finally found time when we could send both of our jets into the sky and chase our dreams of pseudo dogfights. We met at the field and after some quick chitchat highlighting the similarities and differences between our planes we decided to find out how well they performed together. We launched our planes and after getting the kinks worked out we tried to do some formation flying. It was difficult at first to get on the same track as one another but after a few tries we were chasing and climbing after one another like two monkeys in a tree. It was such a good feeling to hear the synchronized whine of the screaming EDF motors as they whizzed by our heads. A satisfying smile spread across my face and when I glanced over at ST he was grinning as well. We did several more circuits each time increasing our speed and trying to get close the distance between our planes.

I’m not entirely sure what happened next, but after making a high speed pass we both decided to execute a nice and easy left turn. I started banking left just as Shaky Thumbs was making his left turn. It appeared that we were several airplane lengths apart as I banked in the turn so I was shocked when all of a sudden our planes collided and were completely entangled in each other like newlyweds on a honeymoon. Flashes of Red Mig and Silver F86 shot through the air in a chaotic clump. Upon impact canopies and bits of plane burst apart and I immediately throttled down and tried to pull back, but nothing worked. Try as I might, we were going down. Since only 20 feet was separating us from the point of impact and the ground, it didn’t take long for our planes to hit the ground. After the exciting crash and burn we both stood there in silence with our mouths agape. “Oh, whoops” was all I could mutter. A few seconds later we both came to and set out to find our planes that were buried in long, tall grass that stood about shoulder height.

We knew the general area where the planes had fallen and fortunately when I blipped my throttle we could hear the whine of the motor which helped us locate the wreckage. Amazingly we also found our canopies which had ripped off during impact and floated to safety approximately 50 feet away.

After collecting our canopies we made our way to the crash site. When we finally reached the planes it was a sad sight. Both of my wings were completely ripped off, one half of my elevator was shorn off, the fuselage was nearly broke in two near the nose and of course the battery tray was broken. Shaky Thumbs didn’t fair nearly as bad. He had a crunched nose, broken battery tray and a crack in the bottom of a wing. His repairs would cost nothing but time to fix and my repairs…well that was a different story.

The Mig 15 and the F86 are both great planes that match beautifully in performance and aesthetics. I don’t know if one is a superior choice for dog fighting over the other one, but on this day the F86 was the clear winner. Right now the Mig-15 is in the repair hangar receiving a healthy dose of TLC. I’m confident she will live to see another day to take to the skies, and to settle the score.

F86: 1 – Mig-15: 0

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