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Saturday, 18 December 2010 02:45

Steady Thumbs

With over 20+ years in the RC Hobby I am excited and amazed at how much has changed. My first Radio Controlled anything was a Bluze Z28 I received as a gift in the early 1980's. The transmitter for the car had only one button on it, but that didn't matter I was thrilled to 'drive' something that wasn't attached to a wire. The little Z28 could only move forward and turn right and at that time that was enough for me. A few years later in about 1989-90 I saved all my money and bought a gold tub Team Associated RC10. After spending Christmas break building the car my eyes were completely opened up to the world of RC and since then I can never get quite enough.

Ever since I was a little boy I have always been fascinated with flight. Growing up on the farm I remember hearing the distant buzz of crop dusters and running outside to try and catch a glimpse of the small, maneuverable airplanes as they flew past. When they made their approach around the family farm I would wave my arms and yell at them to drop me something nice. Usually the only thing they dropped were weed-killing chemicals that burned my tender eyes, but I never gave up hope that one day they'd drop G.I. Joes attached to mini parachutes. Unfortunately the G.I. Joes never fell, but neither did my love of airplanes. Now I get a thrill to circle my own planes above my head and if I get the itch, I can drop G.I. Joes from the sky anytime I want.

I may not be the best RC Pilot in the world but over the past few years I've become more and more consistent, hence the name Steady Thumbs. I still crash, but I try to keep it at a minimum.

I started this site for the love of RC and as a way for me to give real reviews for RC products that are on the market. One day while searching through airplane reviews I noticed a trend that nearly all reviews were glowingly positive. I believe that there are loads of awesome planes out there but when I was a newbie I purchased a few that flew like a brick with wings and crashed faster than a baby goat on ice skates. I hope this site will give others guidance and keep the beginners from making the same mistakes I did.

Crazy Thumbs

I met Crazy Thumbs one summer day at the local high school soccer field. I was surprised to see someone in my flying spot but I was impressed watching this stranger fly the foam off of his T-28 Trojan. We flew together that day, and then the next week, and the next...etc...etc. Crazy thumbs not only flies RC Airplanes but the real thing as well. To say he loves airplanes is an understatement. I quickly learned that Crazy Thumbs is a very skilled RC Pilot and so you'd think that he should deserve a more fitting name like "Mr. Awesome Flight Thumbs" or "Quick Thumbs McGee". I would consider giving him a name like that if it weren't for his 'crazy' side. CT really likes to push the flight envelope and by doing so I am often treated to an aerial ballet usually reserved for the Red Bull Precision Team. The problem is his flights often go from "WATCH THIS!" to "Oh...my....please...help!" in about 3 seconds. Hence the Crazy Thumbs.

Shaky Thumbs

I've known Shaky Thumbs for most of my life. Between the two of us we have over 30+ years of RC experience. When I was a young lad racing my gold tub RC10 he was right along side me going off of jumps and crashing his. When I was first dreaming about building and flying an RC Airplane he was already outside crashing his. A few years later when I was saving money for my first RC Airplane he was outside crashing his. I'm not saying Shaky crashes a lot, but he did have a rough go of it in the beginning. Supposedly the first crash was because of a wind sheer (probably faulty construction) and the 2nd crash was due to improper balance (pilot error?) either way ol' Shaky Thumbs keeps coming back for more. Shaky Thumbs gets his name mainly from the fact that his hands shake like a dry leaf on a windy day, especially during his maidens. If there was a way to place a cocktail shaker on his transmitter during maiden voyages, we'd all be drinking martinis before he could make his final approach. Despite the shakes, he is a great pilot!

My Lovely Assistant

Behind every great RC Pilot is a woman that puts up with the hobby. Or if you're as lucky as I am you get more than someone that 'puts up' with the hobby, you gain an assistant. My assistant is not only the resident photographer and videographer (well the good videos) I also learned she is quite adept at building airplanes! She can drill a straighter hole and has better attention to detail than I do. That's ok because there are times when an extra set of eyes or a different opinion make all the difference in the world. Without my lovely assistant half of the visual details would be lacking from this site. Someday soon I hope to get her away from the camera and in the air, she has some flying skills, she just needs to find them again.

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